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Frequently Asked Questions

Madrona Lottery Process


When will you be doing the lottery? 

The Kindergarten lottery takes place in mid February. You must take a tour by January 31st to be eligible for the kindergarten lottery. 

Lottery enrollment for all other grade levels is dependent on available space and therefore unpredictable. We only draw from the lotteries when space is available. Once the sibling lottery pool is exhausted for a grade level, then we would draw from the general lottery pool.

How will I know if my child was drawn in the lottery?

For kindergarten, calls will go out immediately after the drawing in February. If you do not receive a phone call from our office by early March, unfortunately, your child was not drawn for kindergarten. For all other grade levels, a drawing will be done when a spot becomes available. The family will be notified by phone.

Should I call the school office?

No need to call our school office, we will contact you by phone if your child was drawn in the Lottery.

I need to know if my child got in so I can register my child for our neighborhood school.

Register your child for your neighborhood school.  Do not wait to hear from us.  It is easy to withdraw your child if you do happen to get “the call”. 

Does Madrona have a 'Kick off to Kindergarten' event like neighborhood schools?
No,  Madrona does not have a "Kick off to Kindergarten" event.  We will have an orientation with the Kindergarten teachers sometime in April.

Do both parents/ legal guardians need to attend the tour? 
No, only one parent or legal guardian of the child needs to attend the tour. 

Do I need to tour each year?
No, you only need to tour one time. Your lottery application will remain in the lottery pool until the child ages out, after 8th grade.