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Elementary Counseling Lessons

Counseling services are available in every elementary school in the Edmonds School District.

School Counselors and School Psychologists provide the following counseling services in every elementary school. 

  • classroom lessons on bullying awareness, coping skills and personal safety
  • small group and/or individual counseling for students with lagging social emotional skills which interfere with their learning 
  • consultation with teachers, administrators and parents to support the learning and social emotional well-being of students is available by appointment 

In addition to the bullying awareness, coping skills and personal safety lessons, primary and kindergarten students are provided lessons from Kelso's Choices, which is a conflict management program that empowers our young students to solve small problems on their own with the support and guidance of trusted adults.

At Madrona, the basic program is taught in five to six 30 minute classroom lessons led by a school counselor.  Students are first taught to discriminate between “big” problems that must be shared with an adult, and “small” problems that they can resolve on their own.

After mastering this distinction, each of the nine skills are explicitly taught to the students.  The program then encourages students to try two choices from “Kelso’s Choice Wheel.” If the “small” problem persists, they are told that adult intervention is warranted. 

More information for families and free at-home resources can be found on the Kelso's Choices website.